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Decryption: Ten questions and answers about the adjustable pedestal

Source:Moonbay  PubDate:2019.08.27  View Num:1037

First, where is the adjustable pedestal applied?

It is widely used in water fountains, garden landscapes, stand construction, roof terrace gardens, etc. It is also used in overhead stone floors and wood-plastic floors.

Second, what problems can the adjustable pedestal solve?

The use of universal supporter breaks the shortcomings of traditional construction and replaces the concrete pouring scheme, which can effectively shorten the process and benefit the management of the embedded pipeline in the later stage.

Third, there are several types of adjustable pedestal?

adjustable pedestal are mainly divided into two types: stone floor universal supporter and wood plastic keel universal supporter.

Adjustable pedestal is generally used in fountain landscape, roof terrace garden, square laying and other fields to support overhead stone floor. Height adjustment range: 19mm-1600mm; slope adjustment: 0 - 5%.

The wooden plastic keel adjustable pedestal is widely used in the roof terrace garden, the square corridor laying and other fields, supporting the overhead wood-plastic floor and anti-corrosion wood floor. Height adjustment range: 23mm-1600mm; slope adjustment: 0 - 5%.


four. What are the obvious advantages of the adjustable pedestal?

Taking Hangzhou moonbay Industrial Co., Ltd. as an example, the main material of the adjustable pedestal is PP high-density polypropylene. The product uses threaded connection height, the height can be adjusted according to the specific use, the height adjustment range is 12.5-1200mm, and the slope is 0 - 5%. .


five. How to assemble the adjustable pedestal?

Example of adjustable pedestal assembly method:

Style one:

Height adjustment range: 350-470mm

Component composition: 1 bottom + 1 intermediate section + 1 head + 1 divider + 1 spacer (as shown below)


Style 2:

Height adjustment range: 900-1200mm

Component composition: 1 bottom + 5 intermediate sections + 1 head + 1 divider + 1 spacer (as shown below)


Sixth, what should I pay attention to when installing the adjustable pedestal?

 The supporter is supported by the thread, so when each section is turned up and down, it must be ensured that at least 3~4 threads are engaged, and some of the screws are not tightly tightened;

After the height is adjusted, the green retaining ring must be tightened in the opposite direction.
 What are the characteristics of the materials used in the adjustable pedestal?

PP high-density polypropylene is a recyclable synthetic material with high strength, low density, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, aging resistance, excellent electrical performance, convenient installation and maintenance, long service life, no deformation, safe and harmless. Environmental protection and other characteristics.

Eight, how to ensure product quality?

Strict quality supervision principles, through the employee self-inspection mutual inspection, QC sampling inspection, third-party agencies regularly test and other ways to ensure product quality.

nine. Under what circumstances can the adjustable pedestal be used?

Whether the mat is round or any other shape, it does not affect the use of the adjustable pedestal. Simply put, the adjustable pedestal can be laid in any shape.

ten. What is the prospect of the adjustable pedestal?

With the development of existing technologies, the adjustable pedestal system will have a longer service life and more powerful physical properties in addition to the ultimate in insulation and aging resistance. It will contribute to the society that values environmental protection and green sustainable development.