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01. Where is the Moonbay adjustable pedestal factory?
Answer:Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, China
02. How is the adjustable pedestal fixed?


03. Adjustable pedestal installation order

Put four adjustable pedestal and install a floor; put two pedestal and put a floor; and so on, until it is full.

Remarks: Do not fix all the pedestal, and then agree to lay the stone floor, this is the wrong approach.

04. What are the specifications for the height of the adjustable pedestal?

Our height adjustment range is: 40mm - 1200mm

05. What is the minimum temperature of the adjustable pedestal?
Answer:Operating temperature: -30 ° C - 120 ° C
06. What kind of material is your product, raw material or clinker? Is the quality guaranteed?

The main material of our products is PP polypropylene, which is made of raw materials. Because the new materials are relatively easy to be brittle, the products are added with anti-aging and anti-corrosion additives, and the toughness is higher. Under water, underground life is also long.

07. How long is the product life? What is the guarantee?

The service life is 25-30 years and the warranty is 3 years.