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What are the specific construction plans for the adjustable pedestal?

Source:  PubDate:2019.08.27  View Num:1113

The adjustable pedestal is a new type of building material imported from Europe. Its main features are: quick installation, convenient maintenance, strong pressure bearing capacity, high aesthetics and precision, long service life, and no influence on cold, hot and humid. For most cities, the use of adjustable pedestal is undoubtedly a good way to reduce the load on the city. We are based on the present and looking forward to the future. The green, economic, convenient and sustainable development methods will surely become the mainstream of construction. It is foreseeable that after several years, the adjustable pedestal will add more brilliant colors to urban greening and our urban space. .


The adjustable pedestal has a wide range of applications, which can be applied to the construction of wooden floors and garden landscapes, as well as for the laying of water in the garden landscape. It is also used in the construction of exhibition stands and industrial fields. As a utility model material, the adjustable pedestal is mainly used in construction engineering and industrial fields, and solves some special engineering construction and post-maintenance work problems. It is a new environmental protection auxiliary material in modern construction engineering and industrial use. Moreover, it can be used in various shapes and environments, with strong practical functions and a good development trend in the future.


So, what are the specific construction plans for the adjustable pedestal? Let's take a look at it together!

First, do a good plan

First make a planning plan, based on the construction of large sample drawings and processing orders, familiar with the size and practice of each part, especially the relationship between the ground LED strips and corners, to avoid problems at the closing point.

Second, the grassroots processing

Handle the debris on the square cushion, keep the ground relatively flat, do not appear local high and low undulations, avoid the bottom bottom of the bottom base can not completely contact the ground to cause instability, the cement floor matte surface can be. According to the marking of the drawing and the thickness of the stone, the height of the adjustable pedestal is determined, and then the various heights of the adjustable pedestal are adjusted by the various components of the adjustable pedestal. However, it is worth noting that the adjustable pedestal should not be rotated too tightly, and the scope of the indication should not be unscrewed. The best use of the product can be achieved by operating the product.

Third, check and control the position of the adjustable pedestal

According to the construction large sample and the actual size of the square, pull the cross control line on the square, bomb on the base layer, and lead to the bottom of the wall, then find the surface level, pop the horizontal elevation line on the wall, and pop the support center Line, carry out the test row. Arrange the granite stone to check the gap between the stones and check the relative position of the stone and the wall, the lamp strip, the hole and other parts.

 Fourth, pay attention to drainage

A dark drainage structure can be used. The base layer generally has a certain slope for the convenience of drainage, but the finished surface must be kept horizontal. For example, an engineering structure is based on a 4% slope, requiring the finished surface to remain level.

Fifth, find a good slope

The adjustable pedestal finds the slope range from 1% to 5%, and the key components of the control slope are adjustment parts. During construction, first adjust the slope on the adjustment member to 4%, and then adjust the 4% adjustment in the slope arrow to the direction of the slope, and then expand the slope according to the previously adjusted slope. This will completely offset the unevenness of the surface layer caused by the structural slope finding, and has great advantages for the control flatness in the construction of large-area stone paving, and the precision is very high.

Sixth, the size of the seam

On the one hand, the role of the seam can deal with the problem of uneven stone specifications, and at the same time, it is also reserved for water supply and drainage, thermal expansion and contraction. The gap is mainly controlled by the adjusting member, and the adjusting member can be selected according to actual needs. The adjusting member can strictly control the precision of the seam and eliminate the human factor, so that the appearance is uniform and the aesthetic effect is improved, which is one of the advantages different from the conventional practice.

Seven, check the flatness

First select a piece of stone, use the horizontal ruler to lower it in the direction of the diagonal line, check whether it is flat, and then measure the stone adjacent to each other up and down and left and right. If it is flat, the waterdrop in the middle of the level should be in the middle. Finally check whether the corners are straight, and the effect is very good from the actual test results. The luminaires on the ground LED strips are custom-made according to the height of the stone and are located above the adjustable pedestal. The lamps, control systems, power supplies, etc. of the lamps are laid from the bottom shelf layer, and the lamp belt surface layer and the lamps are independent of each other. The surface layer is made of custom tempered glass, and the stone strips on both sides of the lamp strip are used for locating the glass. The slotting specification is 10mm, and the glass is fixed on the stone troughs on both sides by the weather resistant glue. On the one hand, this method ensures that the core components of the lamp strip, that is, the lamps, are not damaged by pressure, and more importantly, it is easy to overhaul and replace lamps, cables and the like.

Eight, using split pieces

Pay attention to the use of split pieces. If you encounter special installation conditions, you can remove some split pieces or pay attention to the parts that do not need to be separated. If the base is installed, you can also remove it if you encounter special conditions. For example, the attachment at the bottom of the support has obstacles, which affect the surface. The modulus of the layer of stone paved, in which case the corresponding part can be properly removed.

Nine, the use of gaskets to deal with the problem of uneven thickness of stone

Stones often have uneven thickness in the processing process. In the process of installing the stone, the adjustable pedestal can be adjusted by the gasket to eliminate the error of the stone itself. This requires us to adjust or decrease the gasket according to the specific conditions of the construction site and the difference in the thickness of the stone.