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How to design the overall layout of the drain channel system?

Source:Moonbay  PubDate:2019.08.15  View Num:1099

Drain channel system,as a common thing in our daily life, it is often overlooked by most people. Although it is inconspicuous, the role of the drain channel system is very important for people's daily life. It is widely used in urban streets, residential squares, parking lots, parks, port airports, green space landscapes, architectural platforms, etc. Sewage and rainwater discharge work.


In modern times, the placement of the drain channel system should be integrated with the surrounding buildings, so that the drain channel system can have a certain ornamental. For the overall layout of how to design the Drain Channel System, so that the drain channel system looks more beautiful, Hangzhou Moonbay  Industrial Co., Ltd. gives the following recommendations:


1. Make full use of the slope of the plan to control the size of the trench excavation;


2. According to the characteristics of drain channel system, such as continuous water collection, smooth inner wall without hanging scale, quick assembly, etc., combined with the actual situation of the project, to make the best use of materials, to avoid waste and loss of material resources;


3, due to the easy loss of green land sediment, in the drain channel system, try to ensure that each ditch and the cover are connected with anti-theft locks to ensure the integrity of the drain channel system, not only to facilitate the cleaning of sludge, but also to save the later Maintenance costs.


The function of the drain Channel System/Channel Covering/Man is to direct the side ditch, intercepting ditch, and other sources of water to designated locations outside the subgrade to ensure smooth drainage of the subgrade. The functional landscape elements of the finished drainage ditch are generally not noticed, but they are an indispensable part of the outdoor landscape design. The quality of the detail design is an important element of the project quality performance. The first choice for the finished product drainage channel is Hangzhou Moonbay  Industrial Co., Ltd., a well-known domestic brand. It has a professional team integrating design, development, production, sales and after-sales service. It has rich experience and introduces European advanced equipment and production technology. The customer offers a professional finished drain solution.